About us

Mission and Values

At InMyJet.com, we're dedicated to forging connections that empower the entire aviation community. With core values of integrity, innovation, and empowerment guiding our path, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of professional ethics and propelling industry advancement. Our mission is a collaborative effort to provide a network that not only links but also nurtures the growth and success of pilots, crews, and operators. This vision, brought to life by FAA & EASA Captain Lionel Verrue, serves as the foundation for a platform where global aviation connections are made with precision and purpose.

Our Evolution

From its inception as a visionary Facebook group in 2019, InMyJet.com has transformed into a specialized platform that transcends the boundaries of traditional social networks. Here, we offer an exclusive space for aviation industry professionals to establish direct and meaningful relationships. We embody our motto: "Where crews of the world connect™", by providing an inclusive and dynamic platform that welcomes diverse aviation talents from every corner of the globe.
Commitment to Excellence The heart of InMyJet.com lies within our passionate team, dedicated to bringing together the pinnacle of professional talent for both operators and aviation staff. We ensure that our network provides access to a select range of private jets for various needs and complies with stringent regulations, including FAA Parts 91 and 135, and EASA standards. Our portfolio includes exceptional aircraft models, facilitating connections that elevate the standards of private aviation for crews, pilots, and operators. Explore our network and start connecting at www.InMyJet.com.


This type of venture requires a lot of resources, time and effort. Our team is passionate and dedicated to ensuring our site draws the highest quality professionals as well as operators.