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When time is of the essence, trust inMyJet for your Aviation Staffing Solutions all for FREE!
Owners & Operators  Chief Pilots  Pilots  Cabin Attendants  AMT's (Mechanics, Engineers)  Aviation Associates 
Aircraft owners and operators of any private of charter operation worldwide Pilots that are involved in hiring short term contract, recruiting full timers for any position in the aviation industry Pilots full time, part time or contract Cabin Attendant full time, part time or contract AMT’s full time, part time or contract OM - Operations Manager
FD - Flight Dispatcher
SC - Scheduling Coordinator
GH - Ground Handlers
CS - Customer Service
FA - Finance and Accounting
HR - Human Resources
LC - Legal and Compliance
MS - Marketing and Sales
IT - IT Support
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Direct Access to Qualified Aviation Professionals

At InMyJet, we specialize in connecting operators with the right crew and staff, instantly. Whether you need a pilot to take the helm at a moment's notice, an AMT to ensure your aircraft meets the highest standards, or a flight dispatcher we're here for you..

Why Choose The InMyJet Network?

  • Direct Hiring: No intermediaries. You connect directly with the professionals
  • All Aircraft Access: Whatever the model, whatever the size, we cover them all. Mostly Jets and few Turboprops
  • Expand Your Network: Enhance your connections with owners, operators, and crew and staff globally
  • Main Café Community: Engage in rich discussions without self-promotion. We showcase your skills through our filtered database
  • Discretion Guaranteed: Your privacy is paramount. Your needs can be addressed quietly. Your choice
  • Safety First: We vet for legitimacy, ensuring compliance with legal standards
  • Perfect Match: Operators meet pilots and crew members fitting their criteria and rates
  • Protected Rates: Pilots, secure your rates and minimum salary expectations
  • Record of Interactions: Every café post is archived for future reference
  • Future-Ready: Stay tuned for our upcoming app for even easier access, and updates on a regular basis
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